What is my LAN IP address ?

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a network that connects computers in a limited area such as home, school or office.

Each computer or device on this private network has its own IP address that uses private IP address space.

Anyone may use these LAN addresses without approval from a registry and IP packets addressed by them cannot be transmitted onto the public Internet. If the network needs to connect to the Internet, it must use either a proxy server, or a Network Address Translator (NAT) gateway.

Most common LAN addresses start with 192.168.x.x

You may need to known your LAN IP address for instance when using a DHCP - dynamic allocation of IP addresses - or to connect to a local game server.

Even if tools installed on your computer (ipconfig...) can retreive your local IP address, My LAN IP Address.com is without no doubt the easiest and fastest way to get this information.




The IP address used on your Local Network (LAN) is:


Privacy information: Once detected, your LAN IP address is not sent back over the Internet, not stored or used in any way. It is just displayed in your web browser.

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Over the Internet, your current address is :